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// Escape from the Cage //

ギルティア (Gilltia) Fan Community

ギルティア (Gilltia) Fan Community
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Community for fans of the band Gilltia.



Vo. 遥 (Haruka)
Gt. Vivi
Gt. 唯 (Yui)
Ba. 暢 (Nobu)
Dr. nayuki

Gilltia was an indies visual kei band that was formed in 2008.

Translated from Brand X: "The band name comes from the words "guilty" and "tear" with the concept "release from guilty consciousness" in which people are unable to hide their desires (violent emotions) inside."

Their activities started with a live distributed single Escape from the Cage. Their first single CLOWN was released in April 2009, followed by 雪月花 (Setsugekka) in May. The 3rd single Cold Room was scheduled for release at the end of June but they stopped the sale and distributed it at lives instead. Bassist Nobu decided to leave the band, and shortly after the rest of the members, except for Haruka, decided to leave as well. They stopped activities after their first oneman on 8/25.


- Respect mods, members of the comm, and members of the band.
- NO DRAMA. This means, if you have a problem with someone, take it elsewhere.
- Media (music files, videos, scans, etc.) should be locked for members only.
- No advertisements unless you are selling something related to Gilltia.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The settings have been set to moderated membership due to spam attacks. There are no requirements to join and one of the mods will accept your request as soon as possible (as long as you're not a spam bot).

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